Motion rig

How to test out stability and  balance without testing on a ship?

Designing for a world that never stands still where both bumps and shocks is normal, is both challenging and inspiring.

We came up with the idea of creating a motion rig, so testing and prototyping on a base in artificial motion can be done. This will help us experience and quickly test out prototypes and hypotheses related to motion.

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Human factors & Ergonomics

“Ergonomics is about ‘fit’: the fit between people, the things they do, the objects they use and the environments they work, travel and play in.”

A ship bridge can be “ergonomics heaven” for some, but it can also be “ergonomics hell”. It can be a floating prison for some people, and for others it can be the best place on earth. It is peoples workplace and for some it`s the place they spend most of their time alive.

To better understand how we as designers can create the best possible workplace, I have looked at which factors that plays into account when talking about human factors or ergonomics.

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