Final AR interface


For the AR ice and ship observation interface, the information I chose to ass was ‘Traffic! featuring ships nearby in the environment, ‘Weather Data’ showing temperature, wind and ice information, And a visual representation of the drone. Below you see some of the interface sketches from the process.

In this interface, you have a menu bar with Traffic information (where you can connect to other ships,, Conning, and drone information.  To the right you see weather and ice data. In the environment you see ships and ice that is ahead of the vessel. In this sketch I found that the nearby ships bar in top left really wasn’t necessary to add in the environment. The crew we talked to in our fieldtrip also adressed that, what they wanted the most was more windows, so this information should be elsewhere. I also found that it was hard to distinguish between what was ice, and what was ship in the environment. And also which one that was closest and most critical.

In this sketch I added a measurement tool on the left side of the interface. The upper line is information that is close, while the bottom line is information that is far away. Looking in the environment, you see the pins matches the lines on the left side so that you can read the distance. Short pins will then instantly say that this is information that is far away. On top right you see an icon representing ice type, criticality, and frequency. Still, this was not clear enought. I assume that the information must be easier to distinguish. With that, i mean whats ice, whats ships, and what is close, and far away, and which one you should be most aware of.

In this sketch I added icons next to the measurement tool, matching the colours of the pins in the environment. The colours also address criticality. Green is not critical, red is critical. I was quite pleased with this way of visualising the ice, and when asking classmates, they understood architecture of it.

For the Final result, I included the icons for ice types and ships also in the pins to clarify the connection to the measurement tool on the left side. The the ‘nearby ships’ menu is added on a widget AR screen to the left of the chair. I Imagine that this only shows up when the navigator call on it by using his/her voice.

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