In this blogpost I will talk about all the functionality that`s embedded in the design of the chair. Some of the functions are typical functions found in either office or lounge chairs, and some are new to a chair in this segment.


The functions I have added to the chair is both for user comfort, user customization and to optimize for special operations and scenarios.

My intentions for my chair has been to design a comfortable yet operational chair that can both be used for relaxing and restitution and during stressful and critic situations.

Height adjustment

Older and most likely new bridges have small windows which requires the operator of the ship to raise his chair and sit high to have the right angle in front of the ship.


One of the requirements I made for my chair was therefore the ability to lift the seating upwards.

The picture above shows how the chair can be lifted upwards in the preferred height. This is done by telescopic legs.

Adjustable footrest

One of the positions I have made available for the pilot of the ship by using my chair is the “horse-sadle” position. This position requires a forward-tilted seat with a footrest positioned behind the person. The other positions from this is normal positions when using a chair.

Seat angle

Since the future of ships and navigation is all about autonomous ships and autopilot, I wanted my chair to have the ability to work as a comfortable lounge chair. One of the most important factors to be able to do the transformation from office/work chair to lounge chair is the ability to change the angle of the seat.

This is done by adding a rotation to the seats armrest. This rotation joint is placed so the angle of the chair easily gets changed. In combination with the fabric, footrest and backrest of the chair this joint will be turned transforming the chair into comfort mode.

Backrest angle

The backrest angle can also easily be changed to satisfy the users need.



When navigating through arctic conditions, being supported by the chair is important. I have therefore added different inflatable zones in the chair which can be inflated with air to add support.

The parts in grey on the picture above is the inflatable pads for support.

Upper side support

To support the upper body from sideways motion the chair have 2 inflatable pockets on the side of the users back.

Lumbar support
Side support (armrests)
Sadel support

Extra features:

Support handle

The support handle on the back and top of the chair isn`t just for the captain or first officer, but also for visitors and other people visiting the bridge. The handle is colored in bright yellow so people easily can see and grab hold of it in need of support.


The ability to have your coffee cup at your side while navigating is important, so the coffee cup has got a important place on the chairs armrest.



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