Interface Concept-sketching


Sketch 1

In the convoy scenario, I defined the icebreaker crew as trainor, and the rest of the ship convoy as students. Sketch 1 shows a quick sketch of how a teacher ui could look like in AR. The sketch shows the tag, it shows a menu for the various ice types, and it shows a tool for placing the tags in the environment.

Figure 1

I made this tagging tool in Unity, and put it onto the Hololend. In Figure 1, the tagging tool is intended to visualise the landscape around the ship in a 3d hologram. In a way, it is inspired by Rolls Royce’s future ship bridge concept, where they can see the ship in a hologram(picture below). A hologram can give you a see-through, detailed reflection of a physical object or a landscape, which can be good in a context where you need to see details clearly.

In Figure 2 I wanted to see if it was easier to see the details of the landscape, if the shape did not have a background. I also tested out if it is better to look at the landscape in a square.

Figure 2


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