Looking at minimaps in the gameworld


Since the tests with the hologram landscape didn’t quite work in Augmented Reality, I researched other ways of showing a landscape. So called “minimaps” are often used in games, and allows the user to know where in the landscape they are, and can prepare the user for their next action, whether is it taking down an enemy or just moving to a different place.

I believe this could be a great way of showing the ice-conditions surrounding the icebreaker in the convoy scenario. There is constantly being developed new, more advanced radars, and ice-radar is one of them. Ice-radars gives a more detailed image of the surroundings, and can be a super-valuable input in a minimap. This way, not only will the icebreakers know where they are placing the tagg, they will also be more certain that the tagg is placed on the right type of ice.

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