Motion rig

Motion rig

In this post I will talk about the intention of building the motion rig, and why I haven`t used it in my concept development this semester.

Good intentions

The intention of building the motion rig was to be able to test out simple ideas on how to stabilize a pilot in a pilots chair. I wanted to put a chair on top of the motion rig and when switched on, I could test how different ways of support would affect the motion.

My ambition was to test out air filled pads on different places on the body to see if it could help to stabilize a person.

The rig was designed for the whole ocean industries group, and It could have been used for more than just testing out industrial design theories.

Some pictures of the completed rig:

Air pressure

The rig has 3 Festo linear actuators that uses pneumatic air to push or pull. I wanted to use an arduino to control the 3 actuators to make a motion similar to what`s experienced at sea.

The rig is completed, but it has never been tested with air.. The reason for this is that I prioritized my time to sketches and ideation instead of spending time making the rig work. Seen in retrospect I could have completed it in 1-2 days and perhaps made it testable.

The discussions and thoughts I got from building the rig was actually worth it, and I got some really good input from different people simply by discussing and explaining the reason for building the rig.

The inflatable pads that are placed on the seating of my chair is one of these ideas that came when spending time on the rig.

I feel that I didn`t need more insight to start the concept development like I did, but it would be fun to have tested out concepts on the motion rig and used the results as input for my final design.



My goal is to finish the rig for the Aho works that starts December 13th, so the rig can be used for testing in the future. It would also be cool to have the rig up and running when people visit our stand.

Even though it`s sad that the rig now stands unfinished, I am glad that I spent time on sketching and concept development of my own chair. It would also be nice if more people from the group saw the possibilities in the rig, and helped out with connecting the air and programming.


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