Motion rig

How to test out stability and  balance without testing on a ship?

Designing for a world that never stands still where both bumps and shocks is normal, is both challenging and inspiring.

We came up with the idea of creating a motion rig, so testing and prototyping on a base in artificial motion can be done. This will help us experience and quickly test out prototypes and hypotheses related to motion.

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Human factors & Ergonomics

“Ergonomics is about ‘fit’: the fit between people, the things they do, the objects they use and the environments they work, travel and play in.”

A ship bridge can be “ergonomics heaven” for some, but it can also be “ergonomics hell”. It can be a floating prison for some people, and for others it can be the best place on earth. It is peoples workplace and for some it`s the place they spend most of their time alive.

To better understand how we as designers can create the best possible workplace, I have looked at which factors that plays into account when talking about human factors or ergonomics.

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Video Sketch 003 – Directional Indicators

One common feature of VR and AR games is a directional indicator that directs the player’s attention to objectives, tools, ememies, etc. This is a programmable feature in Unity that works pretty well in the HoloLens.

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Video Sketch 002 – Spatial Audio

Gustav and I have been playing around with the spatial audio functions in Unity and trying to see how this is experienced in the HoloLens. We’ve been playing hide and seek with invisible objects emitting noise, and trying to see how easily multiple noise sources can be perceived and differentiated in an AR environment.

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Video Sketch 001 – first video sketch!

Gustav and I have been experimenting with ways of quickly prototyping and illustrating concepts using the HoloLens as a testing tool. Here, we are viewing a simple HTML website in a browser window positioned in front of our paper bridge mockup.

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NASA’s JPL OPSLAB has experimented with using VR and AR as a data visualisation and collaborative tool in processing images taken from the Mars rover Curiosity. Jesse Kriss, has spoken and written a lot about the project, (together with his colleague Dr. Scott Davidoff). Second video (earlier version) after the jump.

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