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Time is running up and with 2 weeks to go, magic is happening every day.

With 2 weeks to go, I have now defined all the parts of the concept I am delivering December 6th. My time will now be used to detail and finalize every part of the chair.

The frame and all the “hard” parts will be finished by this week so I can focus and work with CMF, (Color, Material and Finishes)  all next week.

The parts I will work with until delivery is separated into:
  1. Lower frame – Legs of the chair. The important factors here are: size and shape. The size is important for both strength and ergonomics, and the shape of the extruded material used is important for both strength and apperances.
  2. ” Main” frame with all mechanics. This is the most important part together with the legs, but unlike the legs which are static the armrests will be moved up and down when shifted from different positions. I will look at both shape and size.
  3. Armrests – The armrests will be a big part of the design, since they will both have the  air balloons for support integrated, and they will be in direct contact with the user at all time.
  4. Backrest – frame – The backrest is an important part for having the 3d knitted textile working with the chair. The backrest will give the chair character, and it will help make the chair comfortable in every different mode the user choose to use.
  5. Footrest – The footrest has been a tricky part of the chair, but I think I have some solutions that will work. The hard part is to make a footrest which works together with the rest of the chair in terms of both looks and functionality.
  6. Textile – 3D knit – This is one of the biggest parts of my design, and it is one of the factors that makes this design exciting. I will therefore spend much time on detailing and making the textile as good as possible. I will do both research on types of fabrics, and I will spend time on illustrating my ideas.

Here you can see different extruded profiles that I have testet for the legs of the chair.


Some tests done with a “test-doll” to see if the functionality and basic mechanics are working. (The choice of color is just to differentiate between different concepts through the process. Choice of colors will be a part of CMF in the last phase)

My next post will show more iterating on the different parts of the chair.

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