How will the chair move from “work” mode to comfort mode? And how does the movement happen?

In this post I will talk about the motors and gear that will control all the movements and angles on the chair.

One of the advantages of designing a chair for a ship, is the fact that it can be both expensive and complicated.

In my final design I have only made thoughts and assumptions on what will be strong enough, I haven`t talked to any engineer about strength and stiffness in the design.

But I have tried to make a realistic design by using strong and stiff materials like steel and aluminium. The moving parts are the hardest to evaluate, so my suggestions for the chair is based on known designs.


Underneath the armrest on the chair is the main moving part on the chair. This part contains all the electronics, motors and gears needed to control the chair. 


The assembly consists of 4 main parts, where the lowest part on the picture below is a plastic cover to hide all the electronic and mechanics.

The three parts on the top are all milled steel parts that is screwed together.

Inside the biggest part is room enough for 2 motors ( stepper motor), perhaps gears and a electronic controller unit.

On the picture below you can see how the motors turn the gears that are connected to the backrest. The right side also has a gear that is connected to the legs of the chair. This is the most crucial part of the chair where all the weight of the user will be displaced.

One of the ends with gear and shaft from the motor. If this was to be produced, it would most likely need to have more and perhaps bigger gears.

Here you can see the backrest directly mounted on the gear.


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