Testing a hologram landscape with tags

After testing the landscape in the Hololens, I added “tags” to see if I could use the landscape to move the these tags around. The tags are not moveable, but at least I could pretend that I grabbed them.

The video shows me trying to grab the tags, but I concluded that this did not work very well. First of all, my hands came behind the tags which made it very difficult to grab them. Secondly, it was difficult to see the total landscape. This is because the landscape appears in a perspective – and the eye sees most of what appears in front, but the eye has difficulty seeing what is at the back of the hologram in a perspective. Therefore, the user loses an overview of half the landscape.

Therefore, I also tried to see if I could fold the landscape around myself so that I could get a full overview of the landscape. This did not work either as the landscape came too close to my field of view. In addition, I imagine that this can be nauseous to look at in the long run.

Based on this, I began to look into where objects should be placed in VR, and found good “design cheat sheets” on this, which can, to some extent, be taken into account for an AR field of view. For instance, there is the No-No zone where you’re not supposed to place objects, which is why I felt that the landscape came too close.


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