Testing AR widget UI

Since we didn’t arrange for a third field-trip on a ship soon enough, I had to find other ways of testing out the AR-user interface. I came across an online tool which allowed me to test out where the different components in the UI should be placed, according to a persons field of view. The tool didn’t allow me to test out any gestures, but at least I got a sense of the combination of the widgets.

I also saw that for instance yellow and orange on white/blueish background doesn’t really work that well. Since I am designing in an environment full of ice and water, I know that the colours I choose on the UI should probably not be blue or white. Yellow didn’t work well in the test I did, and red may signalize alarms og danger. Additionally the colours should be lighter than the environment, so the AR-glasses can project them. This excludes quite a big spectre of colour to use, but colours like purple, pink, green are still available. This is of course not tested out very clearly, rather based on my assumptions.

But digging deeper into this, opens up a whole new world of research. I decided that figuring out what colours to use in an AR-UI, should be classified in the UX-architecture so it is all unified. Still, I read that our eyes are most sensitive to the bright green colour, and that’s also the reason why military-interfaces mainly uses the green colour. Which is a good argument for using green colours in a AR-UI.


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